Course Open (Buggies available)
Dress Code

We pride ourselves on being the oldest Club in Surrey which respects tradition but also has a very modern approach. We expect all our Members, visitors and guests to maintain a smart and presentable standard of dress at all times, whether on the course or in the clubhouse.

Course & Practice Areas

You are required to wear recognised formal golfing attire in the proper manner. 

In keeping with R & A traditions the following are not permitted: collarless or sleeveless T shirts (with the exception of recognised ladies golfing attire); jeans; tracksuits; football / rugby shirts or similar clothing. 

For Men: We ask that shirts are tucked in, shorts must be tailored and worn with appropriate sports socks. 

For Ladies: shorts or skirts must be tailored.


Golf shoes may only be worn in locker rooms and the ‘19th’ (Spike Bar). You should change from any wet or soiled golf clothing. 

We are proud of the comfortable and modern surroundings in the Main Clubhouse Bar area, Restaurant and Gallery Bar. As such, we require all who use it to respect this and dress appropriately. Smart casual (which can include smart denim) and presentable clothing is the expected dress code; for some functions more formal attire, e.g. jacket and tie, may be required. 

The following are not permitted in the Clubhouse at any time: hats or caps; tracksuits, rugby and football shirts and beachwear. 

Mobile Phones: Mobile phone calls may be made or taken in the car park and the players or pro shop foyers, but not within the clubhouse. Phone calls may be made on the course in emergencies. Silent browsing of texts and e-mails is permitted within the clubhouse. 

The Club Staff hold the right to determine what is considered appropriate smart/casual dress and will log and monitor adherence to the Club dress code, on an on-going basis, to ensure standards are maintained. 

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones may only be used in the car park and foyers or on the course in a medical emergency!